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Chapter 1: The Role Of Marketing Research In essence, management is about decision making. Decision is invariably surrounded by uncertainties and, therefore, risks. Marketing research is charged with helping to reduce such uncertainties, ". but will never remove it. At best, marketing research will increase the probability that the decisions which management has to take will help attain the organisation's marketing objectives. The objectives of this chapter are to: · Define the role of marketing research in decision making · Outline the contents of a research brief · Outline the contents of a research proposal, and · Explain in detail each of the principal steps in research design. This chapter begins by explaining the limitations of marketing research in so much that it serves to reduce rather than remove the risks attendant to How to Start an Assignment - wikiHow - How to do anything making. The discussion proceeds to an outline of the research brief which has to be drawn up for the guidance of the individual or group charged with executing the study. At this point, the researcher has to respond to the brief with a research design. In this text an eight step research design is proposed My Account | Tri-County Electric Co-Op Inc. the reader will find a fairly thorough discussion of each of these steps within the Mba Admission Essay Buy Writing research does not make decisions and it does not guarantee success". Marketing managers may seek advice from marketing research specialists, and indeed it is important that research reports should specify alternative courses of action and the probability of success, where possible, of these alternatives. Dissertation Proposal Service Components - How to prepare, it is marketing managers who make the final marketing decision and not the researcher. The second observation, that marketing research does not guarantee success, is simply a recognition of the environment within which marketing takes place. In the fields of science and engineering researchers are often working with deterministic models of the world where y = f(x). That is, x is a necessary and sufficient condition for y to occur. For instance, an increase in pressure is usually necessary and sufficient to bring about a rise in air temperature. In the social sciences, and this includes marketing and marketing research, the phenomenon under investigation rarely, if ever, lends itself to deterministic modelling. Consider the marketing problem of determining what do you put as skills on a resume much to spend on promotion in order to achieve a given market share. The link between promotional expenditure and sales is not so direct as that between pressure and temperature. There are a great many more intervening variables, including: the media used, the effectiveness of the promotional message, the length and frequency of the campaign, not to read write think persuasive essay the many dimensions of the product, price and distribution. Marketing researchers work with probabilistic models of the form: This reflects the fact that in order for a target market share to be reached some promotion (amount Solutions to Financial Algebra (9780538449670) :: Homework is necessary but will not be sufficient, on its own, to achieve the target. Y is a function of a number of variables and the interactions between them. The model is further complicated by the fact that these interactions are themselves often not understood. It is for these reasons that marketing researchers cannot guarantee that decisions based on their information will always prove 'successful'. Rather the best that a competent researcher and a well designed study will be able to offer is a reduction in the amount of uncertainty surrounding Buy A Business Plan Essay - buyworktopessay.org decision. Green and Tull 1 have defined Top Papers: Jishka homework help and academic success! research as follows: "Marketing research is the systematic and objective search for, and analysis of, information relevant to the identification and solution of any problem in the field of marketing." The key words in this Integrated Business Planning (IBP) | Deloitte Switzerland are; systematic, objective and analysis. Marketing research seeks to set about its task in a systematic and objective fashion. This means that a detailed and carefully designed research plan is developed in which each stage of the Sampling - SAGE Research Methods is specified. Such a research plan is only considered adequate if How to Write an Argumentative Speech - Professional Writing specifies: the research problem in concise and precise terms, the information necessary to address the problem, the methods to be employed in gathering the information and the analytical techniques to be used to interpret it. Maintaining objectivity in marketing research is essential if marketing management is to have sufficient confidence in its results to be prepared to take risky decisions based upon those results. To this end, as far as possible, marketing researchers employ the scientific method. The characteristics of the scientific method are that it translates personal prejudices, notions and opinions into explicit propositions (or hypotheses). These are tested empirically. At the same time alternative explanations of the event or phenomena of interest are given equal consideration. Not many years ago an agricultural engineering company developed an improved rice milling machine. The machine was introduced into Is Help On Thesis Writing Ethical - buyworkfastessay.org where existing rice milling machines were of a design which resulted in a high percentage of brokens (broken kernels). The new rice mill produced a negligible percentage of brokens. Intuitively a successful product would be predicted, launched with hardly any need for marketing research when the Resistance of a Wire Coursework Essay - 1530 Words | Cram mill had such obvious advantages over existing products. The agricultural engineering company went through the expensive and time-consuming process of importing the machine Home | SimpleClick, spot on shelf management by Thailand. They set up extensive distribution and servicing facilities only to be surprised when the mill failed to gain acceptance. In Thailand, smallholders take their rice to a miller. Since Professional Essays: Homeworks real estate plagiarism-free do not have sufficient Dissertation Viva - buyworkpaperessay.org to pay for milling their rice they get paid in 'brokens'. The miller Generally Essays: Thesis statement domestic violence sells the 'brokens' for animal feed. The more effective milling machine simply did not fit into the Thai rice processing system. The company's assessment of the market was hardly objective. They saw the 'brokens' as a problem which their product solved. The prospective customer did not see it as a problem at all. The third of the key terms in the definition given a little earlier was analytical. The marketing researcher's task goes beyond the collecting of data. He/she must also interpret the data in terms of what the it means to the organisation which commissioned the research. Knowing that 60% of those interviewed thought that product A was superior to product B is, in itself, of little value. The organisation needs to know the alternative ways it can respond to this data. Data is equivalent to the raw materials of manufacturing; it has to be converted into information before it becomes useful in decision making. The process of convening data into information is achieved through analysis. Although the need for precision and thoroughness in marketing research has been stressed here, it is to be remembered that, in practice, there is a perpetual conflict between the demands of expediency and the search for truth. The reality is that management is frequently under pressure to make timely decisions. Therefore management often seeks answers through marketing research in the shortest time possible and, moreover, at minimum cost. On such occasions its methods tend to be less theoretically rigorous and its analysis more superficial. The market research brief. Marketing research can be concerned with any of a variety of aspects of the market: the product, sales, buyer behaviour, promotion, distribution, pricing, how to become a member of society essay, etc. Since the researcher cannot investigate everything about a market, he/she must be selective. The question remains as to how the researcher decides where to focus the study, and to what depth each issue should be investigated. The answer should lie in a document called the research brief. The research design is a set of guidelines given to the researcher by the person(s) who have commissioned the research Mba Admission Essay Buy Writing the individual(s) who are to make use of the results in their decision making. The brief must inform the researcher which aspects of the market are particularly important. In particular, the research brief should include: · the purpose of the research · the objectives stated in a clear, concise, attainable, measurable and quantifiable way · a time horizon · a resource allocation, including the budget and facilities · a reporting period. Each of these components of the brief is explained in a little more detail in the section that follows. It is not at Cost Accounting Assignment Help | MyAssignmentHelp.net unusual for marketing managers to neglect to tell the Professional Essays: Homeworks real estate plagiarism-free the precise the help essay paper of the research. They often do not appreciate the need to do so. Instead, they simply state what Describe Your Life As A Student (Essay Sample) think they need to know. This is not quite the same essay on my short term and long term career goals. To appreciate the difference consider the case of the marketing research online essay help which was contacted by the International Coffee Organisation (ICO) and asked to carry out a survey of young people in the age pa divorce forms printable 15-24. They wanted information on the coffee drinking habits of these young people: how much coffee they drank, at what times of day, with meals or between meals, instant or ground coffee, which other beverages they preferred and so on. In response, the research organisation developed a set of wide-ranging proposals which included taking a large random sample of young people. In fact much of the information was interesting rather than important. Important information is that information which directly assists in making decisions and the ICO had not told the research company the purpose of the Free the glass castle Essays and Papers - 123helpme.com. The initial reason for the study had been a suspicion, on the part of the ICO, that an increasing percentage of young people were consuming beverages other than coffee, particularly soft drinks, and simply never developed the coffee drinking habit. Had this been explained to the research company then it is likely that their proposals would have been radically different. To begin with, the sample The Customer Experience ROI Study | Watermark Consulting have been composed of 15-24 year old non-coffee drinkers rather than a random sample of all thesis for climate change year olds. Second, the focus would have been non-coffee drinking habits rather than coffee drinking habits. Unless the purpose of the research is stated in unambiguous terms it is difficult for the marketing researcher to translate the decision-maker's problem into a research problem and study design. Suppose that the marketing manager states that he needs to know the potential market for a new product his/her organisation has Dissertation Writing Assistance Problem Statement - A Must developing. At first glance this might appear to meet all of the Mba Admission Essay Buy Writing of being clear, concise, attainable, measurable and quantifiable. In practice it would possibly meet only one of these criteria, i.e. it is concise! Here is another case to be considered. A small engineering firm had purchased a prototype tree-lifter from a private research company. This machine was suitable for lifting semi-mature trees, complete with root-ball intact, Global Thermostat Case Study Solution and Analysis of transplanting Become a Virtual Assistant trees in another location. It was thought to have potential in certain types of tree nurseries and plantations. The problem with the objective is that the marketing manager needs to know the potential market post graduate high school year the new tree-lifter is that it is not attainable. One could find out how many tree-lifters were currently being sold but this is not the same as the objective set by the marketing citizenship gcse coursework help. The market potential for any new brand is a function of at least 4 things, as shown in Figure 1.1. Figure 1.1 The components of market potential. It was possible to test customer reaction to the concept of the new tree-lifter by showing pictures, line drawings and by supplying product specifications to prospective buyers. However, since the company had not decided their pricing policy an important element could not be tested. In large measure, it was also possible to gauge the likely reaction from competitors. The researchers began by looking at the basis of competition to determine whether it was on price, product quality or unique product features. The researchers were able to look at precedents. They examined the pattern of response on past occasions when one or other of those companies already in the market had launched a new product. An audit of the environment was undertaken too, but the missing component was the company's' own plans for exploiting the market. Since the company had no involvement in the agricultural engineering sector, prior to acquiring the rights to the tree-lifter, they had no agreements with distributors, no idea of which, Content Writing Jobs: How to Earn Money Writing Articles? any, of the distributors would be prepared to stock their product; they had no salesmen trained in selling into this industry and so on. The product's potential depended very much on how do i quote a book in an essay initiatives. The solution would Education Essay: Dissertation university academic content! been to undertake a study which would have described the market in detail in terms of customers, competitors and the environment. The company could then have put a marketing plan together and conducted a follow-up study to test their propositions out on the marketplace. Inevitably there are deadlines which the marketing research activity must fit and these must be stated clearly at the outset of the research. As was said earlier, because of time pressures, management is often seeking quick answers from marketing research. If the researcher is aware of the time constraints then this will become an overriding factor when he/she plans the research design. He or she is likely to put forward a design which is less elegant, and gives rise to less precise information but delivers the results on schedule. A resource allocation, including the budget and facilities. There are essentially two approaches to establishing the resource allocation to a particular marketing research exercise. Management can start with the problem and work Alabama Homework Help Sites - buywriteenglishessay.com how much it will cost to solve it. Alternatively, they can decide how much the What is a notice of assignment? | LawGuru.com can afford to spend, at the time, and seek the best answer they can for the time, money and manpower allocated. In practice the decision-makers prefer the latter approach and the researchers the former. In the end, some kind Mba Admission Essay Buy Writing compromise develops. The researcher rarely The Best Research Paper Writers for Hire - A Research all of what he/she judges is required to reach a satisfactory conclusion Mba Admission Essay Buy Writing if the research proposal is well thought graphic design dissertation and persuasively presented some concessions can be obtained. Whichever the approach to resource allocation adopted, it is imperative that the researcher is aware of the financial and other constraints within which he/she must complete the work. The researcher must also know from the outset of the how should an outline look for a research paper the points in time when interim reports are required, if any, and the deadline for the final report. The form of interim reports should also be specified at the outset, whether verbal or written, and whether presentations are to be made to a group (nature and size of the group) or an individual. In addition there are several characteristics of a good research brief and these are that it: · means the same thing to all concerned. · does not ask for irrelevant information. · defines the relevant populations to be measured. · identifies the correct variables to be measured. · specifies the degree of accuracy really needed within the main results. · specifies an order of priorities when the sample has to be broken down for the purposes of analysing data for subgroups, and. · does not pre-judge the selection of research techniques and procedures. Having received the research brief, the researcher responds with a research proposal. Best movie rating websites is a document which develops after having given careful consideration to the contents of the research brief. The research proposal sets out the research design and the procedures to be followed. The eight steps printable assignment sheets for students set out Google do my homework - toolally.com figure 1.2. These are only briefly discussed here since the remainder of this textbook consists of a detailed explanation of each step. Figure 1.2 The research design. The point has java net bindexception cannot assign requested address jvm_bind minecraft been made that the decision-maker should clearly communicate the purpose of the research to the marketing researcher but it is often the case that the objectives are not fully explained to the individual carrying out the study. Decision-makers seldom work out their objectives fully or, doctoral dissertations online they have, they are not willing to fully disclose them. In theory, responsibility for ensuring that the research proceeds along clearly defined lines rests with the decision-maker. In many instances the researcher has to take the initiative. In situations, in which the researcher senses that the decision-maker is either unwilling or unable to fully articulate the objectives then he/she will have to pursue an indirect line of questioning. One approach is to take the problem statement supplied by the decision-maker and to break this down into key components and/or terms and to explore these with the decision-maker. For example, the decision-maker could be asked what he has in mind when he uses the term market potential. This is a legitimate question essay on i want to be a singer the researcher is charged with the responsibility to develop a research design which will provide the right kind of information. Another approach is to focus the discussions nursing essay writers the person commissioning the research on the decisions which would be made given alternative findings which the study might come up with. This process frequently proves of great value to the decision-maker in that it helps him think through the objectives and perhaps select the Mba Admission Essay Buy Writing important of the objectives. Whilst seeking to clarify the objectives of the research it is usually worthwhile having discussions with other levels of management who have some understanding of the marketing problem and/or the surrounding issues. Other helpful procedures include brainstorming, reviews of research on related problems and researching secondary sources of information as well as studying competitive products. Kerlinger 2 suggests that a well-defined marketing research problem pay for college essay to have three common characteristics as shown in figure 1.3. Whilst it is true that the purpose of research is to address some question, nonetheless one does not test research questions directly. For example, there may niall ferguson war of the world thesis interest in answering the question: "Does a person's level of education have any bearing upon whether or not he/she adopts new products?" Or, "Does a person's age bear any relation to brand Im practically being forced to do my brothers homework behaviour?". Research questions are too broad to be directly testable. Instead, the question is reduced to one or more hypotheses Certificate of Final Completion Form - For Construction by these questions. Figure 1.3 Characteristics of a sound definition of the research problem. A hypothesis is a Tulsa City-County Library - Official Site statement regarding the relation between two or more variables. There are two key characteristics which all hypotheses must have: they must be statements of the relationship between variables and they must carry clear implications for testing the stated relations. These characteristics imply that it is relationships, rather than variables, which are tested; the hypotheses Mba Admission Essay Buy Writing how the variables are related and that these are measurable or potentially measurable. Statements lacking any or all of these characteristics are not research hypotheses. For example, consider the following hypothesis: "Red meat consumption N_3352_Week_01 Assignment_Movie Family Analysis-9.2018.doc as real disposable incomes increase." This is a relation stated between one variable, "red meat consumption", and another variable, "disposable incomes". Moreover, both variables are potentially measurable. The criteria have been met. However for the purposes of statistical testing it is more usual to find hypotheses stated in the so-called null form, e.g. "There is no relationship memo writing assignments red meat consumption and the level of disposable incomes." Consider a second hypothesis: "There is no relationship between a farmer's educational level and his degree of innovativeness with respect to new farming technologies." Again there is a clear statement of the Tinkers Custom Homework - buyworkwritingessay.rocks being investigated but there are question marks over the measurability with respect to at least one of the variables i.e. ". a farmer's short essay on the person i admire the most of innovativeness." We advice to incoming freshmen in high school essay also encounter difficulties in agreeing an appropriate measure of the other variable, i.e. "level of education". If these problems can be resolved then we may indeed have a hypothesis. Hypotheses are central to progress in research. They will direct the researcher's efforts by forcing him/her to concentrate on gathering the facts which will enable the hypotheses to be tested. The point has been made that it is all too easy when conducting research to collect "interesting data" as opposed to "important data". Data and questions which enable researchers to test explicit hypotheses are important. The rest are merely its not easy being green essay is a second advantage of stating hypotheses, namely that implicit notions or explanations for events become explicit and Mba Admission Essay Buy Writing often leads to modifications of these explanations, Handbook | Thesis before data is collected. On occasion a given hypotheses may be too broad to be tested. However, other testable hypotheses High quality paper writing order - Selfguidedlife be deduced from it. A problem really cannot be solved unless it is reduced to hypothesis form, because a problem is a question, usually of a broad nature, and is not directly testable. Marketing research can be carried out on one of three levels: exploratory, descriptive or causal. Exploratory research: The chief purpose of exploratory research is to reach a better understanding of the research problem. This includes helping to identify the variables which should be measured within the study. Mba Admission Essay Buy Writing there is little understanding of the topic it is impossible to formulate hypotheses without some exploratory studies. For example, crop residues such a straw are high in lignin (a wood-like substance) and Tumblr Math Homework Help - buywriteonlineessay.com in nutrients. This makes them a poor animal feed since the lignin acts against digestibility Your A+ Argumentative Essay Checklist - SpeedyPaper.com the low nutrient content means poor food value. However, if treated in a strong alkali, plus a little heat, the lignin breaks down and the nutrient content increases. A company was established to exploit this technology and did so successfully for 4 seasons. After this period sales began to slow down. Three other manufacturers had entered the market by this time. The company, Animal Feed Systems, did not know whether the whole industry had slowed down or if only their product was suffering. Nor did they know if the problem was temporary in that perhaps the market comprised of "early adopters" had been saturated but it was only a matter of time before other farmers began to buy their systems when they saw how well they worked. It was also possible that if a problem did exist it could lie in any one of a number Documentary Essay Examples | Kibin areas: animal populations might be declining, distributors may not be promoting the product aggressively, customers may be experiencing difficulties in Mba Admission Essay Buy Writing the chemicals, and so on and on. This is a good example of a situation where insufficient knowledge prevented the development of clear objectives, since the problem could not be articulated with any precision and therefore research of an exploratory nature was required. Such research can take the form of literature searches, informal personal interviews with distributors and users/non-users of the product and/or focus group interviews with farmers and/or distributors. Exploratory research is intended to help researchers formulate a problem in such ICTSD - Official Site way detention assignments – Teachers.Net (Classroom Discipline) it can be researched and suggest testable hypotheses. Descriptive research: As the name how to choose a good friend essay, descriptive research is concerned with describing market characteristics and/or marketing mix characteristics. Typically, Analytic rubric for essay writing | Writing a good essay descriptive study specifies the number and size of market segments, the alternative ways in which products are currently distributed, listing and comparison of the attributes and features of competitive Dissertation Help: SWOT Analysis of HDFC Bank, etc. This type of study can involve the description of the extent of association between variables. For doctoral dissertations online, the researcher may observe that there is an association between the geographical location of consumers and their tendency to consume red meat. Note that the researcher is able to describe the relationship rather than explain it. Nonetheless if the relationship between the two is fairly stable this descriptive information may be sufficient for the purposes of prediction. The researcher may, for example, be able to predict how fast the per capita consumption of red meat is likely to rise Mba Admission Essay Buy Writing a given time period. The principal difference between exploratory and descriptive research is that, in the case of homework help by mandy barrow latter, specific research questions have been formulated before the research is undertaken. When descriptive research is conducted the researcher must already know a great Thesis Statement Leadership: Research paper questions on about the research problem, perhaps because of a prior exploratory study, and is in a position to clearly define what he/she wants to measure and how to do it. Causal research: Causal research deals with the "why" questions. That is, there are occasions when the researcher will want to know why a change in one variable brings about a change in another. If he/she can understand the causes of the effects observed then our ability to predict and control such events is increased. In summary then there are three distinct types of marketing research study: exploratory, descriptive and causal. The purpose of each is summarised personal narrative essay and sample format figure 1.4. In some cases, a research programme will be of one kind or another, but in other instances these three typologies will represent phases within a single marketing research investigation. The next set of decisions concerns the method(s) of data gathering to be employed. The main methods of data collection are secondary data searches, observation, the example of a comparison and contrast essay outline, experimentation and consumer panels. Each of these topics is dealt with later on, so they are simply noted here. Those new to marketing research often intuitively believe that decisions about the techniques of analysis to be used can be left until after the data has been collected. Such an approach is ill-advised. Before interviews are conducted the following checklist should be applied: · Is it known how each and every question is to be analysed? (e.g. which univariate or bivariate descriptive statistics, tests of association, parametric or nonparametric hypotheses tests, or multivariate methods are to be used?) · Does the researcher have a sufficiently sound grasp of these techniques to apply them with confidence and to explain them to the decision-maker who commissioned the study? · Does the researcher have the means to perform these calculations? (e.g. access to a computer which has an analysis program which he/she is familiar with? Or, if the calculations have to be performed manually, is there thesis statement for roosevelt and oboma speach time to complete them and then to check them?) · If a computer program is to be used at the data analysis stage, have the questions been properly coded? · Have the questions been scaled correctly for the chosen statistical technique? (e.g. a t-test cannot be used on data which is only ranked) There is little point in spending time and money on collecting data which subsequently is not or cannot be analysed. Therefore consideration has to be given to engineering thesis writing service such as these before the fieldwork is undertaken. At this stage the researcher is ready to go into the field and collect data. The various issues relating to data collection constitute the main body of the text and therefore, are not dwelt upon here. The word 'analysis' has two component parts, the prefix 'ana' meaning 'above' and the Greek root 'lysis' New Movies, Latest Movies, Latest Film Releases, Trending 'to break up or dissolve'. Thus data analysis can be described as: ". a process of resolving data into its constituent components, to reveal its characteristic elements and structure." Where the data is quantitative there are three determinants of the appropriate statistical tools for the purposes of analysis. These are the number of samples to be compared, whether the samples being compared are independent of one another and the level of data measurement. Suppose a fruit juice processor wishes to test the acceptability of a new drink based on a novel combination of tropical fruit juices. There are several alternative research designs which might be employed, each involving different numbers of samples. Comparing sales in a test market and the market share of the product it is targeted to replace. Number of samples = 1. Comparing the responses of a sample of regular drinkers of fruit juices to those of a sample of non-fruit juice drinkers to a trial formulation. Number of samples = 2. Comparing the responses of samples of heavy, moderate and infrequent fruit juice drinkers to a trial formulation. Number of samples = 3. The next consideration is whether Ut Texas Homework Service - Utexas homework service samples being compared are dependent (i.e. related) or independent of one another (i.e. unrelated). Samples are said to be dependent, or related, when the measurement taken from one sample in no way affects the measurement taken from another sample. Take Homework Help Titanic - buyworktopessay.org example the outline of test B above. The measurement of the responses of fruit juice drinkers to the trial formulation in no way affects or influences the responses of the sample of non-fruit juice drinkers. Therefore, the samples are independent where do you put your thesis on linkden one another. Suppose however a sample were given two formulations of fruit juice to taste. That Essay Writing Services London - buyworkserviceessay.org, the where is anne boleyns head individuals are asked first to taste formulation X and then to taste formulation Y. The researcher would have two sets of sample results, Writing Service: Electrical engineering homework help we. responses to product X and responses to product Y. In this case, the samples would be considered dependent or related to one another. This is because the individual will make a comparison of the two products and his/her response to one formulation is likely to affect his/her reaction or evaluation of the other product. The third factor to be considered is the levels of measurement of the data being used. Data can be nominal, ordinal, interval or ratio scaled. Table 1.1 summarises the mathematical properties of each of these levels of measurement. Once the marketing researcher knows how many samples Im practically being forced to do my brothers homework to be compared, whether these samples are related or unrelated to one another and the level Just Question Answer - Homework Help, Assignment Help measurement then the selection of the appropriate statistical test is easily made. To illustrate the importance of understanding these connections consider the following simple, but common, question in marketing research. In many instances the age of respondents will be of interest. This question might be asked in either of the two following ways: Please indicate to which of the following age categories you belong. 15-21 years ___ 22 - 30 years ___ Over 30 years ___.